Get a grip! PLS launches new product range from Saint Romain

As part of the ever-growing business of PLS, we have searched far and wide for new exciting products. After a trip to Medica 2017, our sales representatives came across a state-of-the-art product that we could not miss out on...


Saint Romain. A family run company located in Saint Etienne in France that has specialised in producing technical crockery for over 70 years. Products are recognised for their unique craftsmanship, design and innovative inspiration. Ranging from ergonomically designed spoons to slip-proof mats, all designs are created with the end users’ needs and comfort in mind. Approaching the market with a fresh outlook, Saint Romain’s products replace the institutional, medical-looking eating aids with ones that are practical, colourful and environmentally friendly. 


Eating aids are an integral part of mealtime for those with struggles. By making the activity accessible and convenient in a manner that does not intrude on personal independence, this will allow the individual to eat independently and with confidence. People who need further support at meal times will find these situations uncomfortable and cause low self-esteem and lead to isolation. The introduction of these products is set to promote the individual’s potential to complete such tasks on their own. Many conditions could cause hand and shoulder impairments which could result in reduced functionality including; stroke, arthritis and cerebral palsy. With arthritis alone affecting more than 10 million people in the UK, this indicates a great demand for products and methods to relieve associated complications.


Eating aids are known to be produced in engineering facilities for functionality which overlooks the importance of including the end users’ needs and wants in the product development stage. After five years of studying and collaborating with occupational therapists, doctors, healthcare workers and persons with disabilities, Saint Romain have successfully designed and manufactured state-of-the-art eating aids. Materials used for Saint Romain products have been carefully selected to ensure that the function and durability of the products are optimised. Replacing the renowned foam handles with BPA free comfort grip handles which eliminates the tendency for bacteria repository, giving the product a longer lifetime. By using a non-metallic material, this prevents the utensil from hurting the user if they were to have a strong bite or is affected by tremors.


A selection of these products is now available on the PLS Medical website. Scroll down to find out more!

The ‘Flex Ergo’ adjustable eating aid with removable strap

The contoured handle has been designed to provide comfort for users who may have limited grip with a hand strap to prevent the utensil from falling out of the hand. The larger handle is designed to allow those with lost sensation in their hands to grip more easily. This design also incorporates an adjustable head which allows you to bend it in any angle. The ability to angle this spoon allows the spoon to stay horizontal despite uncontrollable movement. This utensil is made with an antimicrobial material which eliminates the chance of bacteria building up in the cutlery.

Find the product here:


Copolyester Cutlery Set




Consisting of one spoon, one fork, and one knife, this lightweight set features finger grooves which has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the user and support those with limited grip. Copolyester was chosen to make the cutlery durable and lightweight with each utensil weighing only 14g!

Find the product here:




Non-slip Tablemat


The silicone tablemat has been designed to make all crockery non-slip. The colour of the mat has advantages of aiding those who may have problems with sight. By making dishes and cups non-slip, this creates a steady environment for the user to dine in.

Find the product here:

Silicone Spoon

The ergonomic silicone spoon has been specifically designed to empower and support the user durng mealtime. The flexibility of the spoon provides comfort and support for the user. The spoon is bendable and adaptable to every type of morphology with the ability to mould to the users hand. This ensures that the cutlery is prevented from slipping out of the hand and with the ability to bend in certain angles, this helps the head to stay horizontal despite uncontrollable movement.

Find the product here:

Easyeat Suitcase


The case features a range of designs to provide the user with comfort and confidence. This product contains a 23.5cm non-slip plate, a copolyester set, a 16cl cup with two handle supports, non-slip support for yoghurt and small containers and a 45cl bowl with lid.  The contoured handles in this set ease the challenge for those with limited grip whilst the two handle support aids this also. The bowl with the raised rim and non-grip inserts makes the action of scooping food easier. This is also a feature that is beneficial to those with use of one hand only. The two-handle support allows the weight of the cup and liquid to be evenly distributed.

Find the product here:  

Malette Ergo 3D


This translates to ‘little suitcase’ featuring: a high edge plate 23.5cm, ergo silicone spoon, 16cl glass with nose space and ergo two handle supports. This set is perfect for those who suffer from pain, stiffness or muscle weakness in the neck and shoulders. This set requires less head movement with as the glass with nose space and two handle support allows ease of use. The non-slip plate with raised rims helps with the action of scooping food as it provides more control. This also requires less elevation of the shoulders to use. The two-handle support allows the weight of the cup and liquid to be evenly distributed. The mouldable grips provide a personalised grip and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Find the product here:


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