Prodry 2131X Water Repellent Gloves by Safety Jogger (Packs of 12 Pairs)

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Product Categories: Safety Gloves, Waterproof Gloves, General Purpose Gloves

ProDry Water Repellent Gloves

The ultimate solution for usage in dry, wet, warm or cold conditions. The all in one safety gloves!

Perfect for: Construction • Horticulture & Gardening• Farming • Valeting • Logistics & Transport

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Safety Jogger Prodry Water Repellent Gloves 2 1 3 1X

The seamless water repellent PRODRY gloves of Safety Jogger are designed for activities in every environment and for every weather condition. The polyester/nylon liner is provided with a fully latex coating (sky blue colour) and a second roughened latex coating (black colour) on the palm of the hand.

Polyester/nylon liner with maximum comfort. Keeps your hands dry in wet working conditions. Isolating foam latex coating against cold weather conditions

  • PU/Nylon Lining
  • Polyester/Nylon Liner
  • Foam Latex/Latex Coating
  • EN388:2003 Mechanical Standards
  • Performance Level 2 1 3 1 x


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