Aliza Shoes for Nurses with Sore Feet EN ISO 20347 OB SRC ESD by Safety Jogger Professional (Formerly Oxypas)

Comfortable and practical shoes designed specifically for medical professionals with sore feet. Lightweight, comfortable nursing shoes that have been created with the comfort of hardworking healthcare professionals in mind. The Aliza is designed for common foot complaints, such as bunions, bunionettes (Tailor’s Bunions), and hammertoes, among others. Designed for working in the hospital environment, or any working environment where anti-slip and anti-static shoes would be of benefit.

ESDclean with damp clothCE Markedbreathable meshbreathable leather upperantistaticstretchSRC Anti-slipremovable insoleoxygriplightweightheel energy absorption




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Aliza Shoes for Nurses with Sore Feet, with Lycra EN ISO 20347 OB SRC ESD


  • Nursing shoe, with breathable mesh lining
  • Adjustable straps and fabric panels for extra comfort
  • Lightweight
  • CE marked and EN-tested
  • Anti-static with ESD (Electrostatic Dissipation)
  • Exceptional Grip with slip-resistance to the highest level SRC
  • Anatomic removable insole with shock-absorbing properties
  • Wipe clean synthetic leather upper


As the Aliza shoes are designed for sore feet, they are perfect for any industry where workers spend long periods of time on their feet. They are ideal for catering, cleaning, hospitality, hotel, leisure, spa and beauty industries. Aliza, shoes for sore feet – make your feet happy too!

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*Here at PLS we understand the importance of wearing the correct size of shoe both for comfort and foot health.  All our shoes are manufactured in EU sizes, though the UK equivalent is available through our size chart. If you have any concerns or queries related to sizing, please contact us for further advice.


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Weight 600 kg

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