PLS Medical Instrument Protection Cassettes

PLS Medical Instrument Protection Cassettes




With their unique design; the built-in ventilation aids moisture control during storage and transportation, ensuring the instruments remain dry and moisture-free. The ventilation also ensures that all areas of the cassette are reached during the decontamination process.

Using our instrument protection cassettes for storage, transportation and decontamination means less handling of instruments, therefore reducing the risk of damage and increasing their life expectancy.

PLS have a wide range of cassettes to suit a variety of needs from the ‘Micro’ which is ideal for screws, tips and small delicate instrumentation to much larger cassettes such as the ‘Dect’ which can hold up to 10 instruments. You can view our range here: https://www.pls-shop.co.uk/medicalfootwear/index.php/medical-instrument-protection.html

We also offer a bespoke service for specific instrument sets – we can work with you to customise them to your individual requirements.

Our instrument protection cassettes are made with high-quality stainless steel and are fitted with universal silicon brackets. They are compatible with most Washer-Disinfectors, Steam, ETO and Dry Heat Sterilisation.

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