Washable Nursing Shoes and Clogs

Washable nursing shoes and theatre clogs are generally made from synthetic fabric or compounds and are designed to withstand regular washing.

There are three main methods for cleaning and sterilising nursing shoes and clogs:

• Machine Wash
• Autoclave Machine
• Chemical or UV Sterilisation

Machine Wash – The most common method. PLS Medical stock a variety of shoes that are machine washable. This means that they can be put into a regular washing machine on a cool 30°C to 50°C wash, depending on the style. The most common washable nursing shoes are made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). EVA is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s an extremely elastic material that can be sintered to form a porous material similar to rubber, yet with excellent toughness.

All of our washable nursing shoes are also anti-slip and antistatic. We have a variety of styles of EVA nursing shoes that are washable to 40°C: The Oxypas ‘Smooth’ is an open-heeled hospital clog with pivoted straps to give a choice of wearing style, you can view the smooth here or by clicking the image below. We also have the ‘Piuma’ by Soldini Professional, an EVA clog with adjustable straps that is also machine washable at 40°C you can view the Piuma here.

Oxypas Smooth Washable Nursing Clog For a closed-heel option, we have the Oxypas ‘Oxyva’ – our most popular theatre shoe, with built-in postural support and shock absorption to increase the comfort of the wearer as well as to assist in easing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and other common pain complaints, you can view the Oxyva here or by clicking the image below.

Oxypas OXYVA Washable Nursing Shoes

If you would like a washable option that is more of a classic shoe style; we have the new ‘Medilogic’ range from Oxypas. The Medilogic range features 6 styles that are all comfortable, practical and hard-wearing, and available in a variety of colours. Designed specifically for medical professionals; the Oxypas Medilogic range is made from breathable synthetic material, with ‘Coolmax’ lining for added comfort and freshness. With anti-slip and anti-static – the Medilogic range are designed specifically for your working environment. You can view the Medilogic range of nursing shoe here, or by clicking the image below.

Oxypas Medilogic Range of Washable Nursing ShoesAutoclave Machine – Autoclavable shoes and clogs are made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber) in order for them to be able to be processed through the autoclave machine at 135°C. TPR is made from a mix of polymers (usually plastic and rubber) Thermoplastic rubber shoes show advantages typical of both rubbery materials and plastic materials. This means that the shoes are able to withstand the high temperatures of the autoclave process without while still being comfortable enough to wear.

Our most-popular Autoclavable nursing shoe is the ‘Oxyclog’ from Oxypas – this is a clog style theatre shoe with an adjustable strap to give the wearer a choice of wearing styles, depending on the situation. The shoe has shock absorption built-in to improve the comfort of the wearer. You can view the Oxypas Oxyclog Autoclavable Nursing Shoe here, or by clicking the image below:

Oxypas Oxyclog Autoclavable Nursing Shoe

We do recommend, however, that if the shoe is not required to be washed at high temperatures – the EVA compound is slightly softer, and therefore more comfortable that the TPR shoes.

Chemical or UV Sterilisation – Hospitals differ in their sterilisation techniques and sterile services requirements; some may insist on the use of either chemical or UV sterilisation techniques. Both EVA and TRP nursing shoes are suitable for Chemical or UV Sterilisation. This means that both the ‘Smooth’ and ‘Oxyva’ styles of EVA nurses clogs and shoes and the TPR ‘Oxyclog’ are suitable for this type of decontamination.

You can view our full range of washable nursing shoes here.



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