What Problems Do Workers Face When They Stand All Day?

Anti-fatigue solutions that could help you to feel comfortable at work.

The effects of standing all day can take their toll on any worker. Prolonged standing and walking can cause or exacerbate health problems and soft tissue injuries including:

  • swollen or painful feet or legs
  • bunions
  • plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the connective tissue that goes from heel to toe, supporting the arch)
  • stretched Achilles tendon (tendinitis)
  • varicose veins
  • knee problems
  • low back pain
  • neck and shoulder stiffness
  • poor posture (and its effects)
  • restricted blood flow
  • increased chance of knee or hip arthritis
  • muscle soreness and fatigue

What solutions are available for those that work on their feet for long periods of time?

When considering the use of anti-fatigue products, there are three main factors which should be considered, these are; footwear, flooring and changes in working/standing position.

Footwear: Correctly chosen footwear may further reduce the harmful effects of prolonged standing. There is no doubt that the choice of footwear is an important consideration for people who work on their feet. Shoes should ensure adequate arch and heel support and shock absorption while providing comfort to the wearer. In addition to specifically designed shoes; there is also the option of anti-fatigue, memory foam insoles.

Flooring: The type of flooring used in the workplace has an equally important influence on comfort, especially after long periods of time. Hard surfaces, such as concrete and tiles, are the least comfortable surface to work on. Walking on hard flooring causes impacts with every step. Wood, cork, carpeting, or rubber – anything that provides some elasticity – is generally gentler on workers’ feet. More than that, softer floor coverings reduce fatigue and improve safety by reducing slips and falls on slippery floors.

Changes in working/standing position: Work should be organized so that the worker has some choice about his/her working position and an opportunity to change position frequently. A workplace that includes an optional seat (chair, sit/stand stool) and some kind of footrest increases the variety of body positions and encourages frequent changes between them.

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