Scilabub® Nomex® 7154C Autoclavable Gauntlet Gloves in Red


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Handling hot objects requires some form of protection for the hands and wrists. Often this protection exchanges one hazard for others. The problem of some asbestos fibres is well known and where stiff materials or mitts are employed, dexterity is sacrificed. Scilabub’s gloves are designed to be effective, comfortable and durable. They have fully shaped fingers, an inset thumb and extend over the wrist. The material used is ‘Nomex’, an aromatic polyamide whose outstanding features led to its use in astronauts’ suits, military aviation clothing and racing drivers’ suits and gloves. In fact Scilabub’s gloves are very similar to those in regular use by Grand Prix drivers.The outstanding wear characteristics give them a long working life.An elbow length gauntlet version is also available.


The gloves give full protection, having double thickness of material in front and back. Inserts in the sides of the fingers and a shaped, inset thumb provide a comfortable fit. The gloves extend well over the wrist, giving important protection to that area, and are elasticated at the front of the wrist. For comfort and surer handling a knitted Nomex fabric is used, rather than a woven one. The outer layer of the gloves is red. Gloves and Gauntlets are supplied in three sizes medium, large and small. Gauntlets are identical to gloves from finger to wrist. From the wrist there is a sleeve of woven red Nomex, extending to the elbow where it is elasticated, to secure it and to avoid an open entry. A strip of red knitted Nomex is inset into the sleeve to give some degree of stretch, assisting donning and giving a ‘snug’ fit.

The Nomex III fibre used to make the fabrics is a blend of Nomex and a small amount of Kevlar. Both are aramids (aromatic polyamides) and are high temperature resistant and non-melt. It has good dimensional stability characteristics and handles and feels like normal light work clothing. The protection is a characteristic of Nomex itself. No surface treatment is necessary, it does not impair the fabric’s ability to ‘breathe’ and cannot wash out

  • Heat resistant
  • Ultra Low thermal conductivity
  • Asbestos free
  • double thickness
  • Knitted fabric for comfort
  • does not stink or melt
  • unnaffected by washing
  • hard wearing
  • good chemical resistance
  • Suitable for cold use
  • EN 388: 1X4X
  • EN 407: Burning behaviour 4, contact heat 1, convective heat 3, radiant heat 0, small drops molten metal 1, large drops molten metal X.
  • Available in 3 sizes Small = 7½-8, Medium = 8½-9, Large = 9½-10

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Weight 50 kg

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