‘Oxyva’ Washable Shoes for Nurses


The Oxypas OXYVA are comfortable, and practical, unisex washable shoes for nurses. Featuring effective shock absorption to the heel and excellent cushioning across the sole to keep you comfortable throughout your long shift.



The Oxyva also features an anti-static, Electrostatic Dissipation System (ESD), and an anti-slip sole (SRC) making them a practical choice for nurses, doctors, surgeons, and any professional that requires washable, anti-slip, anti-static footwear for work.


Being a unisex style, the size and colour range make them an ideal choice for staff uniforms and teams.


CE Marked ESD SRC Anti-slip Heel Energy Absorption antistatic

waterproof sterilizable washable at 30



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OXYVA Washable Shoes for Nurses with Anti-slip & Anti-static. Lightweight, Unisex Closed-heel Clogs. EN ISO 20347 OB SRC ESD

Comfortable, hardwearing, and flexible washable shoes for nurses. Oxyva closed-heel clogs are designed specifically for the hospital working environment, from the ward to the operating theatre.


The Oxyva unisex nursing clog is perfect for teams due to the vast size and colour range available.


The built-in ESD helps protect you from shocks from equipment or static. Then Oxyva are also non-slip, certified to the highest level of slip resistance (SRC).




  • Excellent energy absorption at the heel for added comfort and support
  • Footbed textured with nodules to stimulate circulation
  • Both waterproof and washable to 50°C/122°F
  • Slip resistance certified ISO 20345-46-47
  • Antistatic, with an Electro-Static Dissipation System (ESD)
  • Made from lightweight EVA – Non-Toxic – Latex Free


The Oxypas OXYVA are comfortable, and practical, unisex washable shoes for nurses. Featuring effective shock absorption to the heel and excellent cushioning across the sole to keep you comfortable throughout your long shift. The ventilation holes also keep your feet fresh without letting any fluids in due to the flanged design.


The Oxyva can be washed in a regular washing machine at home as well as washers at work. They are also compatible with UV sterilisation techniques.


The Oxyva are unisex washable shoes for nurses are designed for anyone who spends time on their feet at work. The anti-slip and anti-static features make them an ideal solution for a variety of industries and professions including hospitality, leisure, beauty, catering, and cleaning.


The Oxyva clog also comes with an optional, removable insole for added comfort. If you chose to wear them without the insole, the small nodules on the footbed will help to keep your feet in place and can gently massage your feet throughout the day, stimulating circulation.


Above all, Oxyva washable shoes for nurses are lightweight and comfortable, designed to ‘Make your feet happy too!’


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*Here at PLS we understand the importance of wearing the correct size of shoe both for comfort and foot health.  All our shoes are manufactured in EU sizes, though the UK equivalent is available through our size chart. If you have any concerns or queries related to sizing, please contact us for further advice.


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  1. Floyd

    I have tried many theatre clogs and these are the best. I really love the insole inserts that came too. Super comfy and my heel pain doesn’t exist after a long tiring day!

  2. Gillian

    I am a full-time nurse with problem feet, – I have plantar fasciitis and my feet were always aching at the end of a shift. These shoes have put an end to all of that, they withstand a hard 12.5hr shift without my feet crying out in pain. They are a little bit too wide (and I have size 7 wide feet) but not enough of a problem for me not to wear them. But I’ve only worn them for two weeks and one of the wee orange circles have fallen off the side ( I would love a spare to pop on so they look good again) this and the wide fit is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Working in theatres, this has helped with a bad knee and my posture. I don’t leave work in pain or sore.

  4. Rachael

    Love these shoes. I work 12 hour shifts in care work and have been looking for a comfy shoe for months. These are amazing!!! It’s like walking on cushions. They are easy to clean and lightweight and my feet don’t ache after 12 hours of standing and walking.

  5. Lizzie

    Fantastic. Fast delivery. No more sore back. 12hour full-on shift, so great. No sore smelly sweaty feet. Thank you

  6. Belle

    Very comfortable to use, perfect for long standing and walking at work, I don’t every feel pain on feet since I have use them.
    Excellent and I will buy again and recommend to all especially to those working long hours.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Good footwear. Does help. These are my second pair. Ideal for my work.

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